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Monitor issue 3 - 2011

This issue features information about JVC s new SuperLoLux HD™ line of V.Networks cameras, equipped with CMOS sensors that output full HD resolution and offer multi-codec support, including M-JPEG, MPEG-4 and H.264, as well as the recent upgrade of JVC s high-resolution, 1/3-inch CCD analogue surveillance cameras which now feature 600 TV lines of resolution and 14-bit DSP.

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Monitor issue 2 - 2010

From big screen CCTV to Super LoLux cameras, the spring 2010 issue of Monitor is packed with the latest security news and product updates from JVC Professional.

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Monitor issue 1 - 2009

In the first edition of Monitor magazine, see the latest CCTV products JVC Professional has to offer, alongside user stories.

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